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PeopleMon Sept 4 2023
Sharing some images of people that I have met. 

Madalyn Jensen
Ava Wilson, Int’l Peace Gardens
The Crowd, Bon Iver at Ogden Twilight
Sharp. Portra 400
in the Swell
Audrey Meyer, 2023 Graduate, Portra 400
Madalyn Jensen wearing @blockedandreported, Arista Edu
Lily Gertler, Saved by Sex
Shelby Herndon, Ogden 2023, Portra 400
for Libby Lou Locks, Holladay Lunatic Fringe, shot on Portra 400
In Humboldt County
The girls at Pineview Res., shot on Amber D400
Pineview Reservoir, Amber D400
Ava and Maddy, Portra 160
Maddy, Portra 160
Madalyn’s 21st birthday, Arcata, CA
Madalyn, Arcata, CA
Lola Call at home
Lola Call
Lola Call
Audrey Debenham, 2022
Audrey Debenham, 2022